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i just wanted to briefly say thank You. i can't imagine a better first session - i really enjoyed it, even though i was quite nervous. You were gentle and patient with me, but still evil enough to make it exciting for me.


Probably one of the best sessions I have ever had, thank you so much, cruel and commanding.


Dear Mistress,

I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience.

I had my doubts as to how much you would dare push me on our first meeting and was pleasantly surprised.

I am already looking forward to my next trip to London so we can meet again.


Miss, it has only been a few hours since parting company but I am already excited about our next session. You pushed my limits further than anyone has ever before and I absolutely loved it even though you scare the hell out of me! 

sub d

I am a total novice and really had no idea of what direction I wanted to take my submission in but that has certainly changed since seeing you, Miss. I was a bit self absorbed in my own bubble after our session but have since had time to reflect and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience. I know you are a Mistress renowned for her strictness and sadistic side but I am glad I came to see you – you totally understood where to take me and I felt safe and in good hands.

Newbie M

You are such a beautiful Mistress and you have the perfect feet. I had such a great session and thank you.


I really enjoyed our session today and I look forward to doing it again with you. It was way too long since you put me under hypnosis. I haven't been able to get an erection, even though I've tried to do so. I've been looking at pictures that I usually masturbate too, but I haven't been able to get erect, so the hypnosis has definitely had the desired effect.


Try as I might to escape, my thoughts turn to her more regularly and my mind bends to her will. She has already cast her hypnotic spell.


A genuine hypnotic Dominant with a genuine power to condition the mind. Thrilling.


What a highly addictive Mistress.


Filming with a femdom professional is one of the greatest experiences of my life, this year so far I have experienced mental and physical and emotional torment and challenges, that has pushed me to levels I never thought were possible, in fact I laugh my way through most of it, or shout out words, that I do really feel should not be on camera! From wax play, pup training, nipple torture, spanking, breast flogging and  much more. One of the out-standing qualities of Miss Kitty Bliss, is she really is a true professional, organised, punctual, has a caring side for the filming slave that has been pushed to limits... the intensity of the film clips are not the faint hearted, which for me personally has been an eye opener to limits one is capable of, so if you want to be pushed mentally then this is your chance to do exeperience the wonderful world of Miss Kitty Bliss. 


A sissy’s dream. A strict, no nonsense lady who took great pleasure in dressing me up and introducing me to the ways of a sissy slut. I know I have a long way to go Miss but I am sure you can help me be the best sissy. 

Unfortunately because I travel a lot for business I can’t see you as much as I would like but hope to book some Skype sessions and see you again when I am back in November.

Your sissy slut

Mistress I can’t thank you enough. I experienced so many wonderful delights at your hands from the CBT to the hard caning I received. A week later and I still can’t sit down properly!

I will be back for some more of your strict discipline soon.


A true Mistress, talented, stunning and loves what she does – BMF

I first met Miss Kitty when I signed up to 'Deprivation of Liberty' something I had wanted to experience after much research about the event. I arrived to the dungeon in Barnet that was hidden away, and turns out I was the only one that turned up that day! My stomach flipped with nerves, and the eyes of my soul were wide open with the amazing equipment in the dark dungeon. Miss Kitty is a delightful, sharp, witty Mistress, with a professional demeanour and laughs alot!  I was ordered to get undressed and put this white paper boiler suit on, there she taped my eyes up and lead me into a cage while she was most likely painting her nails and plotting her plan to abuse me! I was pushed and prodded and beaten under interogation for what seem like hours, 3 hours was enough time to experience the hands of Miss Kitty Bliss, and left me wanting more....


I would just like to thank you for an amazing session – after several disappointing experiences you have left me wanting more! 

My body bears the marks of the intensity of my punishments and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the pain for you as you pushed my limits.

Miss Kitty you certainly are one in a million, can’t wait to come back and see you again.


Miss Kitty

Just a quick thank you for this evening’s session. I enjoyed it immensely . My backside is still red and warm but I’m sure it will not bruise. It is clear that you read my interests and took the time to explore them . Since I have been home I have removed the birdlocked  pico and fitted my ktb, I wish I had been brave enough to wear that to the session, perhaps I will next time. It is delightfully uncomfortable as I sit here thinking of the session. I would love to feel the cold steel of your burdizzo or even  the elastrator although I understand that great caution must be exercised with that. I loved it when you asked me why I should be allowed to keep my balls. I love the thought of having to beg to lose  my balls and having to beg even harder to keep them.

It is clear to me that you are excellent at what you do and thoroughly enjoy the thought of you pushing my boundaries next time should you be prepared to see me again.

Many thanks

Miss Kitty, Hello.

 Please may i thank You for such a fantastic time yesterday afternoon.
 i honestly didn't think i would get anywhere near the one hundred strokes of the cane, every time i sit down i am reminded of the cane, the marks are still quite vivid.
 The ballbusting was as good as it could have been, seeing Your beautiful smiling happy face was well worth the pain.
 The needles were 'interesting' and the medical staples were something of a new feeling.
 Thank You for not just pushing but obliterating my previous limits.
 humbly, robert

Hi Miss,

Tuesday afternoon was sensational, quite one of the happiest moments of my life, just so fulfilling.   My highlight was the moment when I was first sniffing Your stockinged feet and I instantly changed my mind about my availability for adultwork. It was an unscripted moment and one I'm sure You enjoyed  too  The good thing is that You now know for sure that I will go through with Your wishes.  I mean, have You ever seen a man enjoy Your feet THAT much before?  Thanks again Miss; You are sensational.


Mistress is really very beautiful looking slim and hot in her stylish dress. I wanted to be treated harshly by a strong woman who knew what she was doing. I was punched hard in the stomach and body and kicked when I dropped to all fours. This was done with great skill and understanding of how not to harm internal organs. Then I sat on the floor and was spat on until I looked like I had been on the receiving end at a bukkake party. It was an impressive amount of spit and covered my face, eyes and in my mouth. I got a clever and high speed face slapping which I had not had before and was painful and humiliating but strangely intimate and left me glowing. Mistress put on her latex gloves and opened me skilfully using some special cream. I was then fisted wonderfully and thoroughly, joy of joys if you like anal stimulation. I had 4 separate prostate "O's" 

I loved every minute and left after a shower feeling on top of the world. 


I just wanted to thank you for a great session on Thursday. I really enjoyed myself at your expert hands. I still have the marks to remind. My bum is now an impressive hue of purple and brown, almost entirely. A testament to the force and accuracy of your caning. The redness has gone until yesterday when I checked in the mirror I looked a bit like a gibbon! Hope to see you again soon.


...this demure petite slim redhead, who would not look out of place working in a library, proceeded to surprise me with the vehemence she can deliver to a roleplay scenario. An hour later I emerged impressed by the energy and aplomb, she was able to incorporate in the session.

George McCoy

Hi Miss. "WOW" is all I can say.... well, not all I can say I guess but it's a start. 'WOW' stands for 'What A Woman'. Oh.... That's actually.. 'WAW'. Alright then Miss... 'WAW' it is! I loved everything about yesterday, I have met many lovely Mistresses and You are as perfect as can be. I'm still buzzing from your effect (or maybe it's a combination of cigar smoke, chocolate and saliva etc.). The look in Your eyes as You tormented me was spine chilling. The Feet treat at the end made my day. There was no physical release for me, neither was there last night. None was necessary because the emotional release was immense. This is a feeling I only get very rarely and I got this from You.”


Recently I experienced the great privilege of visiting Miss Kitty Bliss. I had originally planned for a Circle of O party, with some trepidation, however in the end that was not possible and I was advised that I could attend for a private session.
Although I have been in the scene for some time I still felt nervous, having expressed some heavy interests on my application. I needn't have worried. Miss Kitty is clearly a very experienced, dedicated and strict Mistress and put me at ease through a discussion beforehand. 
My interests include immovable bondage, CBT and the use of electrics. I was not disappointed. Miss Kitty appeared to thoroughly enjoy what she was doing and the pain that she was inflicting. Having bound me securely in sensory deprivation, unable to either see or hear when she was present, the feeling of helplessness was enhanced. From time to time, various forms of skilfully administered pain brought one very much back to life, before being left again, well into subspace. This went on for some time, however at no time did I feel that I was not in safe hands.
All too soon after an excruciating crescendo the electrical power reduced and I was carefully and slowly released. 
Miss Kitty Bliss gave a most fantastic and deviously caring but painful time and I certainly look forward to being put under her spell again.”

Beware of these two intoxicatingly gorgeous ladies! - they will take you to places you've always wanted to go!  In my case I am a masochist and wanted to have limits pushed, with the challenge and submission of mental bondage - well that's certainly what I got and I amazed myself with how much I could take.  I was utterly broken ('smashed' to use the Goddess's phrase) and loved every minute of it.   My nipples were thoroughly and deliciously abused, and a highlight for me was some ballbusting that Miss Kitty subjected me to with her knee, which was amazingly sexy!
My favourite however was being made to look into the Goddess's eyes in the mirror as she caned me - oh wow!
I need to be able to trust in order to let go and really get the most out of a session; the amazing Goddess Cleo & Miss Kitty lead me on the journey wonderfully and I felt totally safe in their hands.
Thank you so much ladies - that was a fantastic session and I look forward to the next time. 
Slave T

Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss are both arrestingly good-looking and good-humoured (if that's what you want - I could hear them being rather more brutal in an adjacent room). They are also peerless at delivering precisely what you desire in the guise of what you dread. Their ridicule of my modest, ahem, endowment was just delicious.


Hi Miss Kitty just wanted to say thank You for dealing with me so expertly at the Hoxton Dungeon on Friday, it was absolutely amazing... I only discovered later when I was home the superb X across the middle of my back. What a shame I couldn't make it to Sanctum Sat where I would have enjoyed showing it off!.. The fisting was fantastic too, thank you so much. I'm sorry if by questioning You about it afterwards I might have seemed ungrateful, I am not familiar with what my body can take in that area and I wasn't sure quite what was happening, but it was very welcome and a stunning new experience, thank You!


I could just say thank you Mistress but would never be enough; poppy had the most relaxing time.

As soon as I arrived you made me relaxed and I felt so safe. We had discussed my likes and dislikes all was taken into account as Mistress took charge and proceeded to make me poppy I am not going to go into detail but I can say I had 3hrs of sheer pleasure for me. All my desires were realized in a safe way Mistress just found all my limits but never exceeded them

I had seen photos of Mistress before but they just do not do her justice Mistress looked so much better than I could have ever expected.

I very pleased to say that everywhere was clean and the environment just made me feel safe.

I am the type of person that needs to know I can trust the Mistress I am with as I could be vulnerable but Mistress was so understanding that this never even enter my head .

The equipment Mistress used was just what one would expect but to be used in such a thoughtful way was exceptional all I can say Mistress knows what she is doing and does it very well

The best thing to say about Mistress is I will see Her again. Now we know more about each other our next session could only be better.

Thank you Mistress Kitty Bliss

sissy poppy

I was very lucky to be allowed to serve Miss Kitty recently as i wanted to experience some pony play. When i arrived Miss Kitty was dressed the part in jodhpurs and riding attire and once we made our way to a secluded area i was bit gagged, reined and lunged around, wow what heaven for this sub/pony. We then returned to her playroom where i was held in many postions thanks to her inventive rope bondage, gagged , hooded, used and abused. All the while hearing faint laughs and giggles as Miss admired her handiwork and my fate. i will not go into too much detail but the session was all that i wanted and a lot more, my limits were extended , my experiences lengthened and my body left with feelings that Miss Kitty kindly instigated. Any body that wishes to serve a true Mistress who loves what she does and themselves wants to be in the hands of a truly dominant yet caring Mistress, needs to contact her now, you will not regret it! Thanks again Miss Kitty, always yours.

Pony Inteus

Miss KB comes across as a really organised, switched on person and not much different to what I expected i.e. attractive and a high quality Domme. The beating I received was obviously quite moderate and I hate to think what she's like when given licence to get stuck in. I think Miss KB might have been the one who could teach me to enjoy strap-on; maybe she still will be.
slave steve

Hi everyone. I've finally lived out one of my lifelong fantasies. Sploshing.
But what made it even better was the fact that the Mistress that allowed me to fulfil my fantasy is absolutely stunning. Experienced in sploshing (bigtime). Actually enjoyed what she was doing as much as I did. Can be very dominant and even though I was the sub and expecting to be cleaner during sets actually worked harder than what I did. The Mistress in question is Miss Kitty Bliss from the London area and it is the 2nd time I have filmed with this Mistress, hopefully there will be a 3rd chance soon in the New Year.
As she is friends with other amazing Dommes, very skillful at what she does, holds parties, can be a sadist - basically this lady is perfection and I thoroughly recommend that if you are serious about being dominated in any way to by a FemDom then you check this Mistress out. She is professional. But she is not a rip off merchant. And from what I can see, if you commit yourself seriously to serving this lady in whichever way you can then you are in for a fantastic experience.

I had the pleasure of two memorable hours with Miss Kitty Bliss in Her 'office' while She was in Her 'Horrible Boss' role. I, of course, was a slacker facing the sack unless I impressed Her enough to warrant being kept on. She indulged me by NOT wearing any fetish wear at all but in conventional office wear, save for a slight nod to black seamed stockings and gorgeous black high heels (none of which, mind you, would be out of place for a 'real' office). I loved the blurring of real-life into fantasy and Her wearing of glasses with hair done up neatly only served to convey that She could really be an HR Manager!
Across a series of eight humiliating tasks, She put me through my paces, taunting and ridiculing me along the way as I sought to beg to keep my job. From face slapping to enduring caning on outstretched palms while reciting my promise to reform, Miss Kitty was the perfect 'Horrible Boss'. She scored me out of ten on each task - some marks were frankly pathetic, some were actually good to my surprise. But Her pressure was relentless. She was so psychologically astute, so aware of my foibles and weaknesses that I became so deeply submerged in sub-space where I craved to be not just a model employee for Miss Kitty but Her craven slave-tool. So hypnotised was I in sub-space, that I failed several times to add up my total score out of 80 at the end.
I am currently owned by Mistress Rebekka Raynor, who very kindly allows me to serve other Dommes in a bid for me to become a better experienced slave. I must say that my afternoon with Miss Kitty Bliss was truly life enhancing - I will always carry several memories around in my head of Her cruel and unusual approach to employee discipline in my vanilla work life, to prompt me whenever I feel the need to goof off: Her cutting put downs, icy stare and no-nonsense discipline are forever etched in my consciousness. Sigh, if only we had more Horrible Bosses then Britain would once again become Great Britain! Thank You, Miss Kitty Bliss. You should replace Lord Sugar on 'The Apprentice'!
Once again, thank You every so much! You were SO wonderful!!!
 slave james

Feeling greedy/brave I booked a 2 hour double domme session with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite, I can only say it turned out to be one of my better ideas. Both ladies were breathtaking in their rubber and PVC fetishwear, all I could think was WOW!!! They then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours subjugating, abusing, debasing, and humiliating me! I was tied up, strapped down, caned and tongue lashed. Occasionally given a moment to compose myself before the onslaught continued with Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty keeping me so dazed and confused I could barely get their titles right half the time, which gave them more reason to punish/reward me further. The sheer terror of suffocating is genuine but what better way to do it than under Miss Kitty's derriere!! Then being violated by Goddess Cleo and her strapon while helplessly immobilised was heaven!! Superb, 2 fantastic Mistresses I know I'll be back to see but fear they could be addictive! I couldn't recommend them enough.